Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor

Inspired by the iconic 60’s Royal Enfield Interceptor which found its greatest following in the American west coast, where the model fit perfectly into the easy-going, fun and youthful narrative of the time, the new Royal Enfield Interceptor INT 650 Twin gloriously reimagines the glamorous sun-drenched California beach lifestyle. This characterful modern classic captures the essence of a quintessential British roadster with the rakish elan of a California Desert Racer. With its clean lines, classic teardrop tank, diamond-quilt-patterned twin seat and distinctive wide, braced handlebars the Interceptor is the perfect blend of timeless styling and contemporary performance.


$49 a day

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  • 300 Allowed Miles
  • Touring Guide & Map
  • Personal Luggage Storage (You need us to watch while you ride)


  • $9.98/day: 24hr Roadside Assistance
  • $35: GPS
  • $10: Helmet

Price Per Day in US Dollars.
*GPS requires an additional $50 deposit.

648cc Engine

47 Hp

266 Mile Range

428 km

Seat Height:

29.5 in (749 mm)
RESERVATION DEPOSIT: A Reservation deposit is required to reserve the motorcycle. A $50 deposit will be charge to your credit card at the time of reservation.

DAMAGE DEPOSIT: A $2500 security damage deposit on a credit card is required to cover the cost of damages to the motorcycle. Motorcycle renter must be the cardholder. The deposit can be reduced to $1500 by accepting the CDW II and is returned in full when no accident occurred and the undamaged motorcycle is returned.

CANCELLATION and REFUNDS: Your $50 reservation deposit will be refunded if reservation is cancelled 7 days prior to your reservation pickup date.

Reservation: Advance reservation is required, see our reservation form. We confirm reservations three days prior to pick up time.

Drop-off hours: Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Requirements and deposit: Our insurance requires that motorcycle renters be at least 21 years old, and have a valid motorcycle license. A refundable $2500 deposit, made on a credit card, is required when signing for the motorcycle. By accepting the CDW II, this deposit is lowered to $1500.

All passengers need to sign a Release of Liability before they are allowed on the motorcycle.

Rates are quoted in US dollars. Rates do not include current Nevada sales tax.



The Interceptor 650 Twin featuring a twin cradle, tubular steel frame, designed from scratch in conjunction with the legendary Harris Performance team, offers the perfect combination of authentic styling and versatile, agile performance. The frame, tested for thousands of hours and miles over a wide variety of road conditions for durability, balance and handling, delivers dynamic and responsive performance. While a 1400 mm wheelbase. 804 mm seat-height makes for accessible, confidence-inspiring riding position.the Interceptor 650 is smartly designed to have a 174 mm ground clearance and an excellent lean angle helping it take on pretty much any road with aplomb. 37.5 degrees of.steering allows good low-speed maneuverability in city traffic. With a 24- degree rake angle and 106mm of trail, the Interceptor 650 Twin feels nimble in the city, planted on the highways and agile on the twisties.


The suspension, developed & tested in tandem with the chassis, is aided in the front by 41mm forks with 110mm of travel and twin rear units, chosen for the authentic twin-shock look, gas charged with piggy-back reservoirs. It also has a 5-stage pre-load adjustment, to allow for bespoke settings imparting the ride with effective damping in all situations for an optimum blend of comfort, feel and precision.


An air/oil-cooled parallel twin engine configuration was selected for is authentic uncluttered lines faithful to our true heritage design. The simple, easy-to-maintain, all new 648 cc engine is built for real world riding, with sufficient power to make light work of city traffic or cruise effortlessly on the open road. While offering a very usable 47 horsepower at 7250 RPM and maximum of 52 Nm torque at 5250 RPM, the secret of the new 650 Twin lies in the way the power is delivered. Seamless throughout the rev range, 80% of the maximum pulling power (torque) is available as low as 2500 RPM, so that the engine delivers smooth and rapid progress without the need for constant gear changes. A single-piece forged counterbalanced crankshaft with a 270 degree firing order ensures a quintessential twin-cylinder, a deep burbling exhaust note and minimal vibrations. The use of 4-valves per cylinder increases the engine efficiency resulting in better fuel economy & performance. An under-“stressed 9.5:1 compression ratio means less sensitivity to variances in fuel quality, while a twin throttle-body paire to a highly precise Bosch fuel injection & engine management, system gives instantaneous, predictable and smooth throttle response throughout the rev range. While the gorgeously sculpted lines of the gleaming, hand-polished aluminum engine covers hark back to a golden era of motorcycling, what makes heads turn is the sound of the engine, either at idle or at full chat, metering a steady beat, a wonderful over-run burble or a distinctive power-on rumble.


The choice of tires also reflects the common theme running across the development process of the Interceptor 650 Twin. For the authentic classic look the Interceptor 650 comes with 18″ front and rear wheels, both with 36 spoke aluminum alloy rims. Classic aesthetics backed by modern engineering choices meant the structure and the compound of these Pirelli Phantom Sportcomp tires (100/90 at the front and 130/70 for the rear) were specially developed for Royal Enfield to complement the chassis and suspension in all riding conditions. With the same consistent thought, twin piston By Bre (By Brembo) calipers have been used They grab a 320mm floating disc in the front and a 240mm one at the rear actuated with a Bosch dual-channel ABS providing strong, predictable stopping power.